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Feature Walls – Adding a Touch of Class to Bathroom Design

Feature Walls – Adding a Touch of Class to Bathroom Design

When it comes to domestic interior design, bathrooms are no longer a mere afterthought: they serve as one of the most important rooms of the house. A home’s bathroom is the central location for day-to-day cleansing, as well as an understated source of comfort and relaxation. As such, the décor, style and layout of a bathroom can transform your home.If you’re looking for something truly unique to set your bathroom apart, the addition of a tasteful feature wall can work wonders. Feature walls are a fantastic way of bringing your bathroom to life and giving it some much-needed character without aesthetically overpowering the space itself. The effects of a highly decorative surface such as expensive stone are often lost once it is tiled across all of your bathroom’s walls. A solitary and inexpensive feature wall, however, is easy on the eyes and even easier on your wallet.

With its rustic style, the feature wall pictured behind the bath greatly enhances the clean and modern look of this particular bathroom by contrasting it with hints of the traditional. Low maintenance, textured porcelain tiles cleverly fashioned to look like stone lend the room a touch of sophistication, effectively transforming what could have been a standard look bathroom into a glamorous yet functional space of relaxation.

The room is kept simple with a vanity and mirror combination while the interplay between the white, contrasting tiles and the matching, vertically-textured matching feature tiles in the shower creates a gorgeous, eye-catching effect. With similar tones to the textured feature wall, the soft floor blends beautifully, tying the room together. The elegance of the shower glass and the room’s white walls are highlighted by the clean use of space, in addition to the unobtrusive shower soap dish and classy corner glass shelf.

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